Knox Robinson, a New York runner says that running is an act of rebellion. That it enables you to free yourself from the shackles society has constructed for us and the limits and walls we put up internally. He’s right of course, however it’s not just running. It’s true that running is in it’s simplest form, what we evolved to be. Upright runners. And whilst the run remains the building block of our activities, we find that group training and exercise brings it’s own freedoms. The camaraderie of community, the sharing of problems on the chat lap weeks, the support the crew provide, the galvanising affect of workout on a life. It can all start with that one decision to get involved or meet up with a new set of people. Some people love the run, they feel it in the way a person of faith might feel a Sunday sermon. Some others, not so much. They hate it. One truth emerges from each and every get together. Nobody regrets it.