Enjoyment or Training

Some of us have had big events planned this year, marathons, long bike rides etc but what happens in the space in between? We’re not just about smashing ourselves in every run or training session. Sure, we want to be the best we can possibly be, but we all have jobs, family commitments and other shit in going on. Where the life or time restricts us we know that’s the time to light up a grin, smile and enjoy the training. Think about how fortunate we are to get to do this, to have a little group that we can get together, work hard, blow off some steam, have a few jokes. The end result can and will take care of itself. If you have an event, stick to the plan, but have some time to be free of that. Enjoy what your body can do. That is priceless. Enjoyment or training? They’re not always mutually exclusive but the enjoyment comes first, otherwise why are we doing it.

Smiles for miles.